Life Aboard Zingara

The Legend of Countess Zingara

Long, long ago in the distant town of Sepia, lived a gypsy maid who was cook to the Countess of Parma. The magic of her culinary skills and her exceptional beauty were known throughout Italy. Late into the night she sat and sewed, creating garments of distinction and practicing the airs and graces of the Countess and her highborn guests. Satisfied that her transformation was complete our young gypsy maid stowed away aboard a vessel bound for the colonies in search of the fate she saw written in the stars.

The Cape of Good Hope, a busy port of call, seemed to her the perfect place to weave her tapestry of tales. As she stepped ashore on a waft of exotic scent. the glamorous Contessa Zingara was born. Zingara soon enchanted the aristocracy with her magical pots and decadent style and her reputation spread far and wide.

The Cape was not, however, as fair as the yarns told by the seamen, and the Contessa began to cook a sauce of a different kind. Gypsy blood will not be hidden forever, and the gypsy tale is both one of passion and one of tragedy. In the height of her fame and notoriety the Contessa found herself with child, sired by a man of governance. Forced to flee the Cape in fear and disgrace, she travelled through the endless Savannah grasslands, across the hottest desserts and traversed the deepest jungles, to the furthest reaches of Africa.

We welcome you aboard the fabulous yacht Zingara where the enchanting spirit of the lovely Contessa Zingara lives on, through the decadent delights that await you and the passion that is woven through every hidden corner.

You are invited to leave your cares ashore and be seduced by the legacy.